Wednesday, January 18, 2012

When to eat during your bodybuilding routines?

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 When we talk about three most important and decisive factors of a successful bodybuilding routine, they are proper training, workout, and proper eating. Thankfully, it is known to almost every one following a bodybuilding or fat reducing program. But, for many of us, there can be ignorance about when to eat during our bodybuilding routines. Today, I am going to talk about it only. 

On your bodybuilding programs, whether new or a few week old, you must make sure that you're fueling your body with a proper diet balanced with right intake of nutrients both before and after the workout.

The reason is that we should ensure the proper availability of amino acids in our body during both before and after workout sessions. We can do this by feeding our body with proper intake of proteins that obviously generate amino acids in the body. Including carbohydrate in a right amount also becomes very necessary as it provides energy to the body to formulate new muscle tissues. Also, you must ensure that you are drinking a glass of water before you get ahead for workouts. It helps your body to remain well hydrated.

Let’s take note of an important fact now, and that is the thing that during a workout session, the level of Cortisol which is also known as the destructive hormone in our body increases manifold. This increase can directly be translated as getting prone to infections. The period of one hour just after your workouts is called Window Period and in this period our body gets very prone to infections. You must make sure that you have started eating as soon as possible after your workouts. Take a glass of proper drink even after workouts because our body loses a lot of salt at the time of workouts due to sweating. We must compensate it by taking a rich source of electrolyte such as ORT.

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